Transitioning FCP Projects to Adobe Premiere Pro

Transitioning FCP Projects to Adobe Premiere ProFor professional editors that have multitudes of projects, Apple’s lack of interest in Final Cut Pro X compatibility with Final Cut Pro 7 is incomprehensible. Fortunately for them there is a lifeline: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.

Walter Biscardi, Jr. gives his experience in the video blog you see below. If you don’t know Walter check out his web site, he obviously knows his way around video editing. He also is famous for various training videos he has done for Apple products.

It may be true that for many users FCPX either now or in an evolved state will be sufficient or even superior as an NLE. But for many like Biscardi, the immediate obsolescence of FCP7 and the lack of migration ability would be a deal-breaker. I can’t imagine this happening in any other field of professional endeavor.

Here is Walter’s very interesting video blog:

Transitioning: FCP Project to Adobe Premiere from walter biscardi, jr. on Vimeo.

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