Multi-cam Editing for Final Cut Pro X

Multi-cam Editing for Final Cut Pro X

When Final Cut Pro X came out there was much complaining in the NLE community regarding its omissions and shortcomings. Many of the complaints were unjustified as there were tools and other ways of doing things.

For example, I wrote recently about how FCPX can actually remember the in and out of a clip. However, there were many who took exception to my explanation as you can tell if you read the comments on that blog post.

One feature that was not out with the initial version of the old Final Cut Pro but was added later is multi-cam editing. Folks who came to rely on it with Final Cut Studio cried FOUL when it was omitted from FCPX. Now the folks at Singular Software have come to the rescue with Puraleyes for FCPX. It is available now as a free beta download.  Now even better news for owners of the current version: the final release will be available as a free upgrade. Hurray, finally something I don’t have to pay for!

Most folks use Pluraleyes as a syncing utility only, so they figured the product was DOA in FCPX because of the built-in syncing. They forgot that the name “Plural Eyes” means more than one eye on the subject, and it is made for multi-cam support. As before, it is a standalone application so you don’t need to worry about it trashing your FCPX installation. In FCP7 it was sequenced based, with FCPX it is project based. That is a little different since in FCP7 you were able to have multiple sequences open in a project, now with FCPX you can only open one project at a time. Pluraleyes relies on XML to roundtrip your project in an out of FCPX. Remember XML? Another omission from the initial FCPX that had folks on the warpath.

My friend who do a lot of multi-cam editing will be happy to receive this news. Now I just need to get a couple more camera operators to help me on the job so I can take advantage of it.

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  1. Diego Villalba
    December 20, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Do you know how it calls when you receive something and you don’t have to pay for it?
    Compensation, that’s why FCP X’s developers gives you multicam for free.

    There is no way to make a tool for Pros if it doesn’t have a Pro solution for any problem Pros should resolve. Of course it is possible to edit multicam footage without the multicam tool, is like run a race without a racing car!

  2. Swainhart
    December 23, 2011 at 7:57 am

    Thanks for your comment, but not sure I understand it. FCPX doesn’t yet have multi cam built in but you can purchase Pluraleyes, if you haven’t already, and it does have a solution for you.

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