Moving Forward After Apple Final Cut Pro X

Larry Jordan has a well reasoned article on his blog that outlines the different choices Final Cut Pro editors now have after the release of Final Cut Pro X. What folks don’t really get is the problem is that Final Cut Studio has been discontinued. Studios and editors can’t but new copies to expand their business. Overnight, Apple cut the cords.

You can read Larry’s entire article on his blog, but here are our choices according to Larry. (BTW I recommend his new course on FCPX for users wanting to switch.)


As I see it, we all have three choices:

1. Convert to Final Cut Pro X
2. Do nothing, at least for a while
3. Switch to a different editing program

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  1. December 16, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    Dylan, I agree that Apple’s primary focus is not on film and TV eiordts, but it never was. Bullpucky. Then why did Apple have a PRO PAGE on the website featuring FCP? Showcasing Bunim/Murray as a large installation with over 100 seats working on broadcast shows? And showcasing David Fincher and ZODIAK Walter Murch and Cold Mountain the Coen Brothers? It TOTALLY targetted the pro market. And showed off the fact that it HAD the pro market. Hey, look, if these hot shots can use FCP for TV and feature film, just imagine what you can do with it! If it didn’t want the pro market, it wouldn’t have fixed OMF export to include levels and pans, it would have left people to use Automatic Duck. It wouldn’t have included EDL export/import. It wouldn’t have bought Color and implimented it into the Studio package. It wouldn’t ONLY work with professional broadcast frame rates, like 23.98, 29.97, 59.94 25 and 50. It would allow people to work at 10fps, 15fps.No, Apple totally aimed at the professional market but then realized that that isn’t where the money is, so they went after the larger market web video producers, DVD makers people editing family video. They could care less about professionals. Not the buying and killing of SHAKE COLOR DVD Studio Pro.Sorry, you are wrong here. Apple made FCP X for the amateur filmmakers and very low end professionals. While Avid and Adobe do make changes and faster now that they see that people demand change faster yet don’t leave behind features that professionals rely on.But, Apple doesn’t care that they lost the professional market. We are the smallest blip on their radar. BUT, what they did do is move a lot of us back to Avid, or over to Adobe, and that will help those companies survive, and thrive. Because they are ONLY focused on the professionals, and not on selling iPads.

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