Jennifer Lopez in Shameless Fiat Spot

Jennifer Lopez in Shameless Fiat Spot

A couple of days ago I was writing about the new State Farm commercial, ‘State of Anonymity.’ Yesterday I was driving down the highway and getting passed by a car I didn’t recognize.

40th Anniversary Monte Carlo Edition 2004 MINI Cooper


I am interested because it is small and cool looking, similar to my MINI Cooper. He was zipping by so fast that I stepped on it to catch up and figure out what I was looking at. That didn’t last long because my wife riding beside me put on the brakes. So I couldn’t figure out what this car was. It didn’t take long to find out.

Literally minutes later a talk show host starts talking about the new Fiat 500 commercial and the brouhaha created by its new commercial. I check it out when I get back, and lo and behold it is the car I was following on the highway.

Turns out the ad agency for Fiat used Jennifer Lopez as a spokesmodel and the hook was she loves her roots in Brooklyn.  For her, driving through her old neighborhood is like playing in “her playground.” Lopez is prominently featured driving the Fiat 500 through Brooklyn in this spot, but in this case, it isn’t really her. It is a body double.

So here is a Hollywood celebrity making tons of money endorsing a car she probably doesn’t own, driving through the hood she left behind, and won’t even fly back to if she is paid to do it. She is giving lip service only to her love of Brooklyn, and could care less about really visiting it or driving a car Not-Made-In-America. Before you start defending her not flying back for the shoot, think about it a minute. How many of us if we had the opportunity to shoot a commercial back in our old “playground” wouldn’t love to go back, if just for a day or two.

Don’t get me wrong the spot is well produced, state of the art as far as I am concerned. But still the question remains: did the agency blow this one? Was this Fiat spot Shameless? According to the Wall Street Journal the car isn’t selling that well, I wonder if the public will ever realize the irony behind this celebrity endorsement.

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