It’s Official: Apple Recognizes App Store Update Problems

It’s Official: Apple Recognizes App Store Update Problems

Sometimes when you are pulling out your hair because your computer doesn’t work right you and you may think you are going crazy. Maybe you blame your computer. Or your operating system. Your hard drive. The phase of the moon. Maybe you think you are doing something wrong. Turns out that if your problem is updating Final Cut Pro X you should just blame Apple.

I mentioned here previously how I had to uninstall and then reinstall FCPX to get it to work. The next day I found out that Larry Jordan recommended the same course of action.

Now it’s official. Apple has posted a tech support article telling customers they need to do the same thing that I discovered. Delete FCPX and then reinstall. However, if I tried that right now I might not be so lucky. FCPX, Motion & Compressor have all disappeared from my Purchased pane in the App store. I guess I will address that problem whenever the next update happens.

Apple also announced that some older Macs and  some older graphic cards won’t run the new update. Better check this document first. Too bad we didn’t know this ahead of time. Some of my Twitter friends have been left in the lurch because their graphics cards are no longer supported. Graphics cards that came installed on their Macs. (I would be interested in any experiences you may have relating to the App store or FCPX. Just leave a comment.)

Scary thought: Apple tech support turns to for tips on how to get their software and app store to work properly.

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  1. September 27, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    I guess we are already feeling the departure of Steve Jobs

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