Final Cut Pro X Released Yesterday, Traffic Crashes Larry Jordan’s Site

Final Cut Pro X Released Yesterday, Traffic Crashes Larry Jordan’s Site

Traffic to Larry Jordan’s Final Cut Tutorial site spiked 24 times his expectation yesterday due to the release of Final Cut Pro X.

I happened to stumble upon the App Store Tuesday morning and saw Final Cut Pro X was available, along with Motion and Compressor. I recently had a problem with my computer and Apple restored the system and I lost some key settings, one was my iTunes registration of my laptop. So I couldn’t download it until I figured out the problem. I am just getting into the product today.

I also wanted to see what Larry Jordan had to say and was surprised to learn he had a training course already to download. I finally got it downloaded and it is a good course, as all of his courses are. However, his site crashed early that day. He was expecting 50,000 visitors over the course of a few days, but instead had 1.2 million hits. You will be interested in his email to me later that day. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of money he is going to make off of this software.

Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc.

June 21, 2011

Dear Christopher,

I’m really sorry.When I published my blog earlier today about the release of the new Final Cut Pro X – along with the online training files – I was expecting somewhere around 50,000 hits over the course of the day between the two.

However, we received almost 1,200,000 hits in just the first three hours!

It completely overloaded our server, crashed the system, and totally messed with everyone’s ability to read the blog or download the files.

We never expected this level of traffic.

Our server is back up and we are moving all our Final Cut Pro Training files to a distributed network on Amazon S3.  We hope to have everything restored in the next few hours. At which point, we will send you a notice on how to download the files.

If you purchased the file and were unable to download it, we will send you an email tomorrow with instructions on how to access it.  If you exceeded the number of allowed downloads, we will reset it.  If you grew frustrated just trying to access the system, I truly apologize.  We never, ever expected this level of demand.

If you can wait till tomorrow to download your file, you’ll have much better results.

Thanks for your patience – we are working as fast as we can to get everything restored. And, again, I’m sorry.


LarryLarry Jordan & Associates

P.S. To read the blog, click here.

To learn more about our Final Cut Pro X training, click here.




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