FCPX, Apple Motion 5 and Compressor 4 Updated

FCPX, Apple Motion 5 and Compressor 4 Updated

Apple’s Motion 5 and Compressor 4 updated today via the App Store.  If you are Chinese and are using clustering you will for sure want the Compressor update! Also it appears that Apple addressed some stability issues with Soundtrack Pro for Compressor 4 users. The big Motion 5 update is support for dual displays. So it appears that these 2 packages are moving forward. I heard about an FCPX update but it didn’t show up in my app store or in software update. So I tried something else and wow, it really messed me up.

I tried to download the update from http://www.apple.com/finalcutpro/software-update.htmlOops… not a good idea. That link lets you download the trial version only. It converts all your projects & events to the 10.0.1 format. Now my old software won’t open any projects so is essentially useless. I will need to use the trial version now. I called Apple. The tech who answered said he just got off a call just like mine. He didn’t know the answer before so he passed the case up the line. So he put me on hold, looked at those notes then got back with me.

He made an interesting discovery. So many folks are flooding to download the FCPX update that the update will not show in the app store or in software update either. He advised me to wait a day or so and maybe it will show up. Let me ask you, does this seem Mickey Mouse or what? I will post more as I learn anything.

P.S. Will Chinese cluster users please comment on the enhanced stability offered by Compressor 4.0.1? Try not to comment all at once, because I don’t want to have my site flooded like Apple’s.

UPDATE: 8:00 PM EDT Sept 20: Apparently many other users are have the same install problems I am facing. So the “wait and see” advice from the Apple tech may be the best policy. Way to go Apple! One more screwed up release.

UPDATE: 1:00 AM EDT Sept 21: After being tipped off by @markspen on twitter I just trashed my old version and re-downloaded it from the App store. It downloaded 10.0.1. Working fine now. FYI Facebook is great, but for really connecting with folks that are seriously interested in what you are interested in, it has been my experience that nothing beats Twitter.

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